Security Barriers

Superior security products that combine strength, function and design.

Crimestoppers products are custom-made to suit your individual needs, ensuring your maximum security and offer unique solutions to secure your home and business with professional advice all the way.

Security Barriers

D14 Crimestopper

  • Pocketed Top track
  • Double braced flights
  • Double locking
  • Tuff nylon guides
  • Powder coated Finish
Security Barriers

Monkey Proof Gate

  • Small spacing
  • Single x-flights
  • Nylon top and bottom guides
  • Double lock
Security Barriers

Clear Shield

  • Stainless Steel mesh
  • High strength
  • No rust
  • Keeps put all insects

Security Barriers

View Protect

  • The only Clear Bar Patent and certified by SIRA
  • Specialized Installation
  • No fading of color
  • Instant Warning when tampered with armed bar
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Security Barriers

Window Guards

  • High strength
  • No rust
  • No visible screws
Security Barriers

Roller Shutters

  • High strength industrial finish
  • No rust
  • Can be motorized
  • Available in solid perforated or window slats.

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