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Bedroom Curtain trends 2020

Renewing the curtains is something that we can recommend you whenever you want to make your house change its appearance instantly without the need to spend a lot of money or do works.

Decoration ideas for Curtains for the Bedroom 2020

There are many ideas that we can find about the curtains for the bedroom in this 2020, but some of them are really trend like for example the use of shades in shades such as gray and others that we will see now.

Therefore, we can show you below some of those ideas that are really inspiring and that will also allow you to combine with the different decorative styles we also have for our bedroom. Let’s go for them!


We start with our ideas of curtains for the bedroom, with the sure bet that the white one supposes.

This is a color that has always been worn in the curtains, and although for a time it seemed that they no longer wore much, the truth is that the tendency to choose bright colors for the walls of the bedroom, makes a white curtains provide more light and the truth is that they combine very well.
The novelty of black curtains

Patterned curtains

On the other hand, we can choose the option of betting on curtains that have a pattern. You can find models that are as varied and that will serve you both for the dining room, or for the room, as well as for the bedroom, where you can even place some curtains that although white, have the drawing of some leaves or of some flowers.

The elegance provided by the gray curtains

Following the tendency to choose a curtain that is black, we can also opt for the curtains that are gray, certainly a color that is imposed for the walls and decoration in general, of the house.

In this way, we can select curtains in gray, and dark, like those above, Ikea that are also combined with tones that are also off.
The modernity of the lilac curtains

On the other hand, we can rest by some other color of curtains with which to get our living room, or the room in which we place them, to acquire a modern style and even I would say, sophisticated.

Some curtains in lilac for example, are a great option for those who want to bet on something that is really different. In addition, if you opt for a curtain, which are transparent and the rest of the room is painted lighter in color and furniture in a lighter shade, you will achieve an ideal combination, which also marks a trend.

Neutral tones

If you are looking for colors that mark the decoration of this 2020, you have to bet on the soft tones, and those that are neutral.

In this way, we can opt for everything that is beige, soft blue or sky blue, light pink or salmon color curtains. This type of curtains will combine perfectly with all kinds of colors, but in particular they look great with white furniture.

On the other hand, the curtains of our bedroom do not have to be of a single color, and although we have that option of shades of dark tones, we can also choose two types of curtains for a radical change of our bedroom.

In this way, the image above is inspiring, although it has two curtains, one of curtain, the other thicker, in two tones that are also different and create a counterpoint with great elegance.

In this other image, we also see the option of combining those two types or shades of curtain, with one white, central and another that will be blue.

A really cool style for this year, which also brings a very youthful appearance to the bedroom so we recommend them for your children’s rooms.

You can also combine them with curtains that are of different intensity of blue. So you can choose a dark blue curtain and one that is a very light blue sky color.

Or you can choose a white curtain and another that is a striking pattern, on a dark background to create a counterpoint that is really prominent between the two.

So that we can get the bedroom, and indeed any room in the house, such as the living room or dining room, have two of the essential colors this year that also allow us to get more or less light depending on the time of day in which let’s be.


Curtains for Bedroom 2020And of course, we have to mention the trend of green curtains, as this color is imposed both for walls, as decorative elements to be placed throughout the house but especially in the bedroom.

In this way, and continuing with the proposal to combine two shades of curtains we can choose the one of them to be green as we see in the image above. A curtain that has a thickness greater than the white curtain that has also been placed. With this, we achieve that our house is more or less illuminated as it suits us and with the latest color trend in interior decoration.
Curtains for any bedroom

Among the curtain proposals that we are showing you, I also want to add that if you are looking for the curtain that will work for any type of bedroom, it does exist: the white one that we saw earlier.

Why the best option is to bet on curtains that are white, is produced because they combine with everything and serve to cover and not see anything from the outside if we wish, but we can also mix with any decoration that we have in the bedroom.


If you’ve already tired of the idea of curtains of all life, with curtain, which are long, reach the floor and perhaps take up too much space, nothing like using the idea of hanging a blind since these have been trending for years and are still considered as the most modern option of all.

On the other hand, we have to add the white shades that are also worn a lot and that, in fact, fit well for any room in the house. Blinds in white give a lot of play and especially with white furniture.

Choose blinds and curtains

Along with what has been said about the modernity of curtains of the shade type, or the tendency to combine two curtains at the same time, we also find the option of hanging a blind but also having curtains.

In this way, you can rest when you lower the opaque blinds, and the rest of the curtains will provide the desired and necessary lighting for each moment of the day.
Choose curtains of fabric and venetian blinds

Together with the option of choosing that combination of curtains and blinds, we can also choose to hang and hang some curtains of fabric, in one window and in the other place Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are that kind of curtains of a retro style that are characterized by having slats or sheets so that we can see the exterior through them, and disguise the interior.

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